Miniature Vacuum

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Product Features:

  • Safely removes dust and dirt from delicate equipment
  • Use for picking up delicate samples
  • Powerful vacuum suction
  • Along with the two brushes, you get two wands (one curved, attached to the intake port in the photo, the other straight) and the little black dust bag.

Product Description

Pick up delicate grids without fear of creasing with Mini-Vac. This palm-sized mini-vacuum/air blower can be used to clean negative and delicate microscope optics or to clear dust particles out of tight spaces. Use the Mini-Vac for removing dust from slides, some camera areas, or enlarger. Its two brushes are made of ultrasoft pony hair, not of stifer nylon. The wide brush measures about 1- 1/4 inches across, while the round one has a diameter of approximately 5/8 inch. The bag an be emptied of dust simply by opening the Velcro closure on the end. Then, if you remove the bag and turn the unit on, you get a mild stream of air coming out of the opening. To use the air, you can simply insert one of the wands into the “blower port” where the bag was.Kit includes mini-vac unit, utility brush, lens brush, straight wand, curved end and vacuum bag. Requires one 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) or optional AC adapter.


Miniature Vacuum

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